Alarm Clock Free

Alarm Clock Free 1.10.0

Rise and shine with your iPhone


  • Bright, clear digital display
  • Set up multiple alarms
  • 12 and 24-hour clocks


  • App must be running to display time
  • Can't use your own music and tones as alerts

Not bad

If you're growing tired of the default Clock feature on your iPhone and want a new way of waking up then check out Alarm Clock Free.

This handy app turns your iPod into a stylish digital clock and alarm. The neon green-on-black clock skin bears a striking resemblance to Night Stand, but this is no bad thing, as it looks good and is easy to see from a distance. Bear in mind though, that you need to keep the app running in order for the time to stay displayed on your iPhone.

The settings menu in Alarm Clock Free gives you the ability to toggle the clock between 12 and 24-hour modes. Here, you'll also find the alarm configuration options. You can set up multiple alarms, give them names, enable/disable snooze, and set the time of the alarms (obviously). There are several different alarm sounds to choose from including Digital, School Bell, Cuckoo and Old Clock.

Ultimately, however, Alarm Clock Free doesn't really bring much innovation with it, and it doesn't do much more than the default iPhone alarm. There are less sounds, and you can't even use your tones or iPod tracks as alerts.

The clock display in Alarm Clock Free is great, but the functionality doesn't quite match up to its pretty face.

Add support for high resolution Retina display


  • Add support for high resolution Retina display
Alarm Clock Free


Alarm Clock Free 1.10.0

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